Blades Materials of Scrap Metal Shredders

Metal shredders are widely used in major waste recycling stations to shred the recycled color steel tiles, thin iron sheets, scrap iron filings, cans, paint buckets, etc.

If the finished size of the metal shredder is large, about 150mm~300mm, the impact load on the blade is also large, therefore, alloyed high-strength and high-manganese steel should be used to produce the shredder. For small and medium-sized blades, the mass is 1~14kg, and the grinding particle size is 70mm-18mm, high-medium carbon low-alloy steel and medium-alloy steel should be used to produce the metal shredder machine.

shredder blades

There are four kinds of external forces to materials during the crushing process of the metal shredder: rolling, shearing, impact and grinding. Compression rolling is mainly used for coarse and medium crushing, suitable for the crushing of hard materials and bulk materials; shearing is mainly used for fine crushing, suitable for the crushing of ductile materials; impact is mainly used for medium crushing, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding, suitable for the crushing of brittle materials; grinding is mainly used for fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding, which is suitable for the crushing of small pieces and fine particles.

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The characteristics of the material are the factors to be considered in the selection of blades. When selecting the material of the blade, it is necessary to understand the composition of the crushed material and its hardness, particle size, sharpness of sharp angles, moisture, etc. Years of research and practical experience have shown that the material hardness of the metal shredder blade should be greater 0 to 8 times than the hardness of to-be-shredded materials.

If the blades of metal shredder are fixed on the shaft by the hammer frame, , the centrifugal force is large during working, and the blade is subjected to large impact load, so high toughness and wear-resistant materials should be selected to make blades. If the blades are mounted on the rotor, wear-resistant materials with lower toughness can be used.


Zhengzhou Yuxi Machinery specializes in the production of scrap metal shredders. Metal shredder machine is independently driven by two shafts, so that the material is pressed accordingly during working, and the automatic feeding function is achieved. Due to unique cutter shaft structure and four-corner rotary cutter, there will be no shaft winding or jamming of the equipment in the production process of low speed and high torque, thus improving the production efficiency. Yuxi metal shredding machine is suitable for shredding various tough and viscous materials.

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