Misunderstandings in Scrap Copper Recycling in China

The first misunderstanding of copper scrap recycling:

Some people believe that copper is a long-term shortage of metal in our country, and there is no surplus pressure. Building copper smelting projects can also make full use of foreign mineral resources, therefore, copper smelting projects should not be restricted. The above point of view is actually one-sided. Our country is indeed short of copper. However, building a copper smelting enterprise does not produce copper itself, but processes copper concentrates into electrolytic copper. Therefore, the construction of a copper smelting project can only turn the demand for electrolytic copper into a demand for copper concentrate, which only changes the structure of imported copper series products, and has nothing to do with improving copper self-sufficiency level of our country.


The second misunderstanding of scrap copper recycling:

As the copper smelting industry is restricted by foreign mineral resources, some people advocate developing copper resources abroad at any cost. Making full use of foreign mineral resources is a good thing in itself, but good things must be done well. Although there is a shortage of copper resources in China, there is no shortage in the world. If we are rushing to develop copper mines abroad when the price of copper in the international market is soaring irrationally, scrap copper recycling will inevitably raise the basic price. If you do not examine the development of the copper smelting industry from the perspective of strategy and sustainable development, you may not be able to take the initiative even if you control some copper resources. For example, our country controls more tungsten, tin, antimony and ion-type rare earth minerals in the world, but we have not taken the initiative in the development of the industry.


The third misunderstanding of scrap copper recycling:

Copper price plummeting may happen at any time. Once copper prices fall and foreign copper mines reduce production, the contradiction of excess copper smelting capacity will be exposed, and the tragedy of the electrolytic aluminum industry will repeat itself in the copper smelting industry. From the analysis of the production cost of copper, the comprehensive cost of recycling foreign scrap copper is about US$1,800. Although the grade of copper in our country is low and the cost is relatively high, it is only about 20,000 yuan. The huge profits of the copper industry far exceed reasonable levels, indicating that the copper price contains huge risks.

For recycling of scrap copper, we designed scrap metal crusher and scrap metal shredder machine which can be equipped with other optional equipment to be a scrap metal crushing and recycling line.

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