Landscaping Waste Processing Machinery and Equipment

Landscaping waste is natural fertilizer, and it has the reputation of "turning it into spring mud to protect flowers" as early as in ancient times. At present, the vast majority of landscaping waste has not been utilized as resource, and most of it is landfilled or incinerated as urban waste, which not only wastes biomass resources, occupies land resources, but also increases waste disposal costs.

After the landscaping waste is crushed, it can be fermented and composted to make it an organic fertilizer. It can also be made into an organic mulch to cover the perennial flower planting area and the bare loess area under the forest to beautify the environment while preventing dust pollution.

Equipment of Large-scale Garden Waste Crushing System

Large-scale garden waste crushing equipment generally consists of garden waste shredders, iron removers, chain conveyors, dust removal systems, discharge conveyor belts, intelligent monitoring and intelligent garden waste collection and transportation management systems, etc.

Garden Waste Processing Process:

1. Firstly, classify the landscaping waste

A: Large pieces of branches are generally piled up in another place and sold to furniture factories as raw materials, which can be made into particleboard, wood-based panels, furniture, etc.

B: Tree stumps can be made into root carving artworks, and after antiseptic treatment, they can also be made into curb teeth for garden paths, seats of green roadside, etc., which are both natural and beautiful.

C: The leaves and grass clippings with smaller fibers are specially treated separately to make organic fertilizer to serve garden and farm.

2. Secondly, use garden waste shredder to crush

Larger branches and leaves are put into the crusher evenly for crushing. After crushing, some are used for ecological covering, and some are further processed to make organic fertilizer.

3. Finally, the organic fertilizer making machine is used for microbial processing into organic fertilizer

After being processed by the garden waste equipment, the materials that need to be made into organic fertilizer will be piled up temporarily in the pretreatment area, and then transported to the organic fertilizer making machine for fermentation to make organic fertilizer and biomass fuel rods. The organic fertilizer is used for ecological and green planting, while the biomass fuel rods can replace other fuels in daily life, and realize waste reduction, resource utilization, and harmless treatment.

Like landscaping waste, fruit and vegetable waste should also be payed attention. Fruit and vegetable waste refers to the fruit and vegetable residues produced in farmers' markets, vegetable markets, and supermarkets. Compared with incineration disposal, resource utilization and disposal of fruit and vegetable waste has attracted more attention in recent years. After a series of treatment processes such as crushing, extrusion, and anaerobic fermentation, fruit and vegetable waste will turn into three main products: biogas, biogas slurry, and biogas residue. Biogas residue and biogas slurry can be used as organic fertilizers for the growth and planting of crops; while biogas can be used by the power generation system for power generation.

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